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WinLpt (WndLpt) manages 12 or 8 LPT port pins in strict accordance with the script or music visualization. When working through the COM port, up to 32 signals are available (for Arduino).


Latest release:WinLpt v0.2.9-com


Basic abilities

• Automatic LPT pins direction by Script

• Manual direction by mouse or keyboard

• Easy script debugger (just press F12)

• Music Visualization with 1..32 LEDs (StereoMixer, Line in, Microphone)
• Visualization plugin for players Winamp, WMP, AIMP2
• Response to all LPT inputs, outputs (or pins)
Preview LEDs supported
• Useful Tools: LPT Buttons, Stroboscope, EasyDrive


Additional abilities of new ver. WinLpt-v0.2.9-com:

• Generic Serial Output plugin

• Sends data to any COM-port (RS-232 or USB-emulated)

• Manage or Music Visualization for 1..32 LEDS/outputs via Arduino.

• Available for any PC and Laptops which have a USB port

• English, Italian, Russian interfaces.


Script abilities

Supported methods: set, clear, invert state of several pins, shift left/right, waiting for specified time interval; cycles, subprograms, etc. This is useful for automatic control LEDs, relays or other devices that are directly connected to the LPT port. Creation of a script is extremely simple, clear and logical.


Representations for visualization

WndLpt Application use microphone input or stereo mixer for sound visualization.

WndLpt Visualization plugin is available for 3 players:

+ Winamp 5

+ WMP // Windows Media Player

+ AIMP2/3/4

Plugin can use player's sound as source for visualization.


Just try to click the Preview or Visualization pictures (by Left and Right button)


Operating Systems

Windows 98/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Platforms: 32/64-bit (x86/x64) (except IA64)


How to connect LEDs to the LPT port

Flashing LED in the LPT connector

LEDs automatic direction examples

wndlpt: balancewndlpt: collision
wndlpt: rol_1000wwndlpt: wave
wndlpt: compresswndlpt: snake
wndlpt: rol_10wndlpt: rol_10wndlpt: rol_1000w
wndlpt: rol_x3
wndlpt: waveswndlpt: rol_1000wwndlpt: snake

WinLpt Script debugger

WinLpt Debug Script

WinLpt 0.2.9 COM Screenshots

WinLpt Script with music visualization


WinLpt Music visualization mode


Direction by keyboard


WinLpt: LPT Pins direction


WinLpt hardware settings


Generic Serial RAW output settings