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Arduino is a trademark, under which are produced ready-to-use boards with a programmable microcontroller. They are used to solve problems where the use of a microcontroller is required. The main idea is that all the piping of the microcontroller has already been completed, so you can immediately begin to solve problems directly, without being distracted by the "scheme".


Fans often connect to such boards LEDs and sensors.


So, if LEDs are connected to the digital outputs of the Arduino board, WinLpt can send commands to control these LEDs. In this case, the Arduino board itself will be connected to the computer via a USB port.


For today, 2 series of Arduino boards are popular, which are easy to use for this task:


1. Arduino UNO, which will manage 12 LEDs (outputs).

2. Arduino MEGA 2560, with which you can use up to 32 LEDs (digital outputs).


I note that the LEDs can be connected to the digital outputs of Arduino only through a limiting resistor.


As you might guess, it is not enough just to connect the Arduino board to the computer, it must first be set up, having written into it a "sketch" - that's what the firmware for Arduino is called. Sketches are usually written in C language, and the standard free program easily writes this firmware to the Arduino controller. Everything happens quickly and easily (as a rule).


Model: Arduino UNO board

This is the most popular series of Arduino boards, which is connected to the computer via the USB port. At the same time, the board itself can have a TypeB connector (like scanners and printers), or a micro-B (like a mobile phone). It allows to use 12 outputs for connecting LEDs.

Where to buy

The original Arduino boards are too expensive. So I bought from the Chinese on Aliexpress.


Price: Arduino Uno $4, transparent case $2, dupont-lines $2 and bread board $2.


Arduino UNO платаCase for Arduino UNODupoint linesBread board


Total price $10, without USB cable.

How to connect

For connecting LEDs, contacts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 are used. The voltage of the logical unit is 5 volts, therefore, in series with the LEDs, it is necessary to install resistors from 100 to 200 ohms. As a minus, you can use contacts with the inscription: GND.


All contacts can be seen on the photo:


Arduino UNO WinLpt


Contacts 0 and 1 can not be used because they are used by the circuit itself.

How to setup

Here is the finished sketch (firmware) for Arduino UNO: Download sketch


This sketch must be downloaded to the Arduino UNO board, and then configure the Generic Serial output output plug-in:


Speed: 9600

Header: 1

Footer: нет

Send on stop (sull packet): 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Data bytes count: any from 1 to 12

Viseo: Arduino Uno under WinLpt in light music mode

Model: Arduino MEGA 2560 board

This is a very powerful board, it already has 54 digital outputs, 32 of which can be used for LEDs running WinLpt. However, not necessarily exactly 32 can be any number from 1 to 32.


I bought it from the Chinese, I will work with it when it is delivered. The program or sketch for it will be slightly different from the one shown above.


27 march 2017 г.