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How to connect 12 LEDs to the computer's parallel port (LPT)


Facilities for LED

Circuit diagram

Panel example


BIOS settings

^ Facilities for LED

In first I need 1 led.

The red LED


Find motherboard's LPT port. Locate pin labels.


LPT connector. How to locate labels


Check numbers.


LPT Pins and numbers


Join LED to pins 2 and 18.


LED directly on LPT


Now I can use WndLpt to control this LED.


Flashing LED in LPT socket


^ Circuit diagram for 12 LEDs

I can directly connect up to 12 LEDs to the LPT port. It's very simple.

Some people like to connect only eight LEDs. It's not problem. The WndLpt program can manage any number of LEDs from 1 to 12.


It's time to make following circuit. We see face of motherboard's LPT port or DB25F Face (or DB25M Back side) on it.

click to enlarge

Circuit - How to connect 12 LEDs to the computer's parallel port (LPT)


Same circuit otherwise.


Old circuit

^ LEDs panel example

It is a good day to mount the LEDs on the panel.

I take any dark plastic surface and drill 12 holes on a circle.


12 LEDs panel example


I aspire to that view.


LEDs Panel Photos in the night

^ Photo session



Hole for LED

LED in the hole


Panel with 12 LEDs, face.


LEDs panel, face


Back side.


LEDs panel, back


Map circuit to panel.


Mapped panel


How to fix led.


Fixing LEDs


DB-25M Connector


Switchplug DB-25M


DP-25C case for DB-25M


Case DP-25C for DB25M


Join DP-25C and DB-25M


Join DB-25M and DP-25C


Male connector for LPT port (DP-25C and DB-25M)


Switchplug DB-25M + DP-25C


LEDs in the night

Easy effect

^ BIOS settings — only if LEDs glow with low brightness level

Enter to the BIOS. Set this parameters:


[Integrated Peripherals]

Onboard Parallel Port = Enabled or 0x378h

Parallel Port Mode = EPP


Select Save & Exit Setup and press Y.